At D's Suggestion was started at the insistence of my Mr. so that he wouldn't have to hear about all the millions of things I find every day on the blogosphere.  He figured that instead of unloading all of my random inspiration on deaf ears*, I should see if the internet would like it.  And you have.

*NOTE: My Mr.'s ears are never "deaf", of course.  He is the most supportive, interested, and loving person I know.  And he happens to be truly interested in most of what I write about on here (excluding the never-ending odes to Anthropologie).

This is a place for random inspiration that I find from my everyday journeys.  There is no real theme, except for maybe beauty.  I find beauty in life and in a million things around me every day and that's the lone connection I suppose.

I play and teach music for my "make-money" job, and it just so happens to be my one true love as well.  Yes, I'm a lucky jerk.  Here are some of my musical stylings if you'd like to hear:

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